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Our Inspiration: 

Our name the Hellfighters PAC is named after the famed African-American WW1 regiment. The Harlem Hellfighters became famous for their heroic actions in WW1. The Hellfighters fought on the front-lines as Americans but under the French flag, because the all-black unit was not allowed to fight in the segregated United States Army.


The Hellfighters fought with honor and sacrafice despite being discriminated against by their country. After the war the decorated unit came home heroes and leaders in their community. Abroad they were war heroes, at home they became civil-rights, business, and community leaders. The unit embodies the very best of our country. Their motto “Don’t Tread on Us, and Let’s Go” was their battle cry. Here, at the Hellfighters PAC we embody that same battle cry as we work to get people out to vote to make our country better. 


Executive Director 

Landon Dais Esq. 


Board of Advisors ​

Ralph Dawson Esq. 

Ralph Dickerson Jr. 

Patrick Michelle Esq. 

Kenneth Knuckles 

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